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Structure Fire on Hwy. PB - In the Town of Verona

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Verona Fire was called out for a storage shed on fire on Hwy. PB in the Town of Verona along with automatic aid from Fitchburg and Oregon Fire Departments. The Comm Center advised the fire was south of the callers location and of potential hazards such as fuels and possibly propane tanks in the building. Lieutenant Lindquist Fire 9 was the first to arrive on scene in his personal vehicle and reported a working fire in a storage shed and took command and reported that there had been several small explosions in the building. He also advised that there were not any propane tanks inside the building. The neighbor who had called the fire in came over and provided Fire 9 with some information. When Chief Giver Fire 1 arrived on scene Fire 9 passed command and advised Engine 1 to lay a 1 ¾” cross lay and attack the fire using foam from the east side entrance door. Fitchburg Engine 1 arrived and they were assigned to pull a backup line off of Verona Engine 1 and they pulled a 2 ½” cross lay. The large sliding door on the south side of the building was locked from the inside and Fitchburg Engine 1 forced entry into it to gain access and to help with ventilation. When Oregon Squad 6 arrived they were assigned to ventilate the building which they did by cutting a hole in the wall on the north side of the building. Alliant Energies were requested to secure the electrical service to the building. Verona Tender 7 arrived and laid a line to supply Verona Engine 1. Ventilation was effective and after the visibility improved crews continued to extinguish the fire. There was a four-wheeler and a mid-sized tractor/lawn mower in the building along with numerous other materials such as bails of archery targets in the building as well. Lieutenant Miller Fire 8 and Engine 1’s Officer requested another Squad Company as they were going to have some extensive overhaul and needed additional personnel. Command requested Belleville Fire to respond with their Squad nonemergency to assist. The fire was declared out 19:33:20 hours and Assistant Chief Barger Fire 2 began his cause and origin investigation of the fire. Crews began removing burnt debris from the building and wetting it down to put out small fires. When Belleville Squad 5 arrived on scene they helped with the overhaul process. After the overhaul process was completed all companies were released from the scene.

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