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Verona Fire Training Center Rises to New Heights - Verona Fire Station

Saturday, July 7, 2018
The Verona Fire Training Center rises to new heights with the addition of the two 40 foot containers that make up the second story of the Training Center which arrived from Double D Services in Verona. J.P. Cullen and Sons crane and rigging crew arrived and made quick work of lifting and setting the two 40’ X 8’ containers into position on top of the first floor containers. Then Tyler Judd a certified structural welder and Verona Fire Department member welded the four containers together with prep work done by the on duty crew. The next step is the installation of the eastern exterior stairway and installing three 20’ X 8’ containers on the west end which will contain an interior stairway. Then the addition of a roof simulator on top to the 40’ containers for roof ventilation practice. The project is really taking shape and the Firefighters cannot wait to use the facility to its full potential. As very special thanks to J.P. Cullen and Sons for the very generous donation of their crane and rigging crew, and Tyler Judd for donating his time to do the welding.

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