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Motor Vehicle Accident With A Pin Involving Semi & Pickup - Exit Ramp From Northbound Hwy 18-151 to Hwy PB In Verona

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
At 11:14 a.m. Verona Fire and Fitch-Rona EMS Medics responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident involving a semi-truck and a pickup truck with the pickup truck driver pinned in the vehicle on the exit ramp from northbound Hwy 18-151 to Hwy PB in Verona. Verona Engine 1, Car 1, Squad 5, and Car 3 along with Fitch-Rona EMS Medic 45 and Car 15 responded. Once on scene we found a semi-truck on the right hand shoulder of the exit ramp with a full sized pickup crashed into the back of the trailer with the driver pinned in his pickup. Engine 1 began the extrication with their battery powered extrication tools and Medic 45 and Car 15 began treatment of the pinned driver. Once Squad 5 arrived they assisted in the extrication of the driver. An Engine Company was requested from both Fitchburg and Mt. Horeb Fire Departments for Mutual Aid as well as Disch Auto for a tow truck in the event we were going to need to pull the vehicles apart. Engine 1 and Squad 5 were able to remove the driver side doors and complete a dash roll to free the driver whose legs were pinned. The patient was immobilized and loaded into Medic 45 and transported to the hospital with only minor injuries. We assisted Disch Auto with the recovery of the pickup by using our air bags to raise the semi-trailer enough to all them to pull the pickup free from the trailer. The semi-truck driver was not injured in the accident and had pulled off the ramp onto the shoulder to take a nap and was awoken when the collision occurred.

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